“A battle cry against societal negativity and pressures of success, Zeke’s music is a unique balance of both his soul-wrenching vocals and intricately simple music. He and his band mates refuse to write according to formulaic norms of any specific genre. They instead embrace the aggression of rock, the swing of jazz, the emotion of blues, the story of folk, and the mellow groove of reggae. While his musical influences are continually in rotation, roots in grunge, metal, and “the Bobs” (Dylan and Marley) are seldom muffled.

As an adolescent, Zeke found release from boredom in the hum of a guitar on his 13th birthday, and abandoned his childhood aspiration to be a professional baseball player. Without blinking an eye, he left his traveling team in the dusty wake of six strings vibrating under swift fingers.

After a couple of years learning and perfecting his guitar heroes’ techniques, he started blending them with his own style. By nineteen, Zeke toured in The Len Bland Blues Band, touring around Detroit, Saginaw, Flint, and Chicago. Stage lights may have blinded him from everything but camera flashes and mezzanine crowds, but no light could produce a prouder memory than the honor of playing for one of his childhood heroes. His friend called out, “Hey, Z, that’s Gibby over there,” during a gig at a Detroit bar a while back. Sure enough, former MLB player, Kirk Gibson, sat at the bar relaxing. He and Zeke had switched roles; the athlete had become the spectator. The entertainer had become the entertained.” Elizabeth Fowler nm3Live


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